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Corporate Reputation
Multi-stakeholder communication in the client ecosystem including business analysts, staffing influencers, ESG communication.
Executive Positioning
Coaching and profiling Executives as thought leaders in their domain on domestic and International reputed platforms.
Brand Journalism
Content development for own and third party channels
Media Relations
Media outreach for advocacy and topical communication
Multi-cultural Communications
Data-driven messaging to provide specific customer solutions in the Indian geographic context.
Influencer Marketing
Creating influencer groups and leveraging independent voices for advocacy
Start-up Development
Coaching and mentoring early stage startups on media and investor pitches; develop partner networks.
Social Impact
Category campaigns in education and public health through NGO initiatives and client affiliations
Marketing Services
Develop and generate social media currency, collateral development, films and documentaries production

consulting manager

Shefali Kotnala PR

Shefali is a PR and corporate communications professional with an experience of over 25 years.