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Indegene - Story

A client from Ogilvy work stint first launched in 2000 as a start up in medical content services, approached Spectrum in 2015 for talent facing branding and PR

Client mandate – raise awareness of Indegene’s best HR practices to attract and retain talent. Client was looking for strategic insights to drive branding and a well knit PR program

Challenge – media was enamored with startups and large listed companies in IT. The midsize privately held IT companies were not on media radar. Interest in IT applications for a nuanced Pharma industry amongst mainstream media was limited in India; turnaround for soft stories on HR long and focused on industry practices than a stand alone company messaging.


Spectrum positioned Indegene as a pioneer and a visionary in the lifescience automation space.

Series of “reveal” discussions with media influencers historically writing on the IT industry, analysts and large consulting companies from 2015-2017

Expanded the visibility mandate in 2018 from India to US and UK – the two largest revenue markets for Indegene. Indegene was virtually absent from media reckoning of large solutions players. Indian, privately held company did get a push back from media in early discussions

Recommended global advisory board creation with industry leaders to bring the brand closer to thought leader status

Series of HR messages in mainstream talent facing media like The Times of India, The Economic Times, Business World, etc.

Indegene - Outcome

Outcome – A 6 years old campaign run with a combination of marketing assets amplification and strategically positioned media stories in global and Indian media.

Significant SOV in all top global pharma titles including FiercePharma, Medical Marketing & Media, Scrip, PharmaVoice, etc over a three year period. Representation and share of voice for Indegene in global industry round ups by Pharma media.

Active thought leadership showcase for all other Business Divisions 2019-2020 in global media, validated by consistent and periodic content pipeline from the erstwhile reluctant division heads.

A highly recognized brand now in India and outside, attracting talent from Pharma majors like GE, Pfizer, etc

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Shefali Kotnala PR

Shefali is a PR and corporate communications professional with an experience of over 25 years.