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Rock & Storm - Story

A regional beverage alcohol start up from Sangrur ( Punjab), launched mass and mid segment brands in whisky and vodka. Arundeep Singla, the promoter of R&S, was an amateur in the spirits trade. His credentials in the industry were unknown

Client mandate in 2015 – raise awareness about the venture and the brands Especially amongst retailers

Challenges – liquor industry giants like USL, Diageo, Pernord etc dominated media space. Regional players were not in the reckoning for national media


Spectrum created a charming promoter story make amateur entrant a hero challenging Goliaths of liquor industry

Top trade media including Ambrosia and Spiritz, was targeted to create awareness amongst distributors and retailers

Top bloggers were engaged to review and post brand content for experimentative consumers

Regional media was tapped for brand launches. Select business media for brand expansion stories

Outcome – In two years, Rock & Storm was recognized as the fastest upcoming regional player by Spiritz magazine; Rock & Storm brands gained fair traction for shelf space amongst top retailers.

The Brew Estate - Story

The Brew Estate is North India’s largest brew pub network with an aspiration to expand Pan India with 30 outlets by 2022. This was a referral business from Rock & Storm promoter, also a co- promoter in this fresh beer retailing network. Strategic direction and execution for Rock & Storm PR campaign were client reasons for repeat business engagement

Client mandate-The brand approached Spectrum in 2018 for raising its profile to attract investors

Challenge – Microbreweries, brew pubs in metros like Bangalore, Pune, Gurugram, gained more media eyeballs for its demographic appeal. Big Brewsky, Toite, etc and their expansion into other cities had already hit media headlines more than once.


Spectrum elevated the entrepreneurial pitch for Arun Singla, topped it up with investment and expansion ambition story for national business and trade media and international media visibility

One on one meetings with Industry KOLs in the microbrewery segment for Arun Singla were set up to explore linkages that could spur expansion in new markets

Select bloggers were engaged to visit and review the Brew Estate’s premium and differentiated experience.

CEO Magazine, Australia & Asia, Beverage Daily, UK, The Economic Times, The Times of India, Yourstory, were amongst the top media titles covering the Brew Estate story

Outcome – In one year, the brand gained national interest and recognition from industry bodies in F&B and startup world

HIPBar - Story

A liquor industry entrepreneur launched an exclusive wallet for the on-premise consumers, making it the first vertical fintech company. It allowed consumers to create a bar in the cloud. The company later pivoted to a delivery partner for home delivery covering the last mile transaction closure

Client mandate in 2018 – raise brand awareness amongst all stakeholders including the liquor brand owners, retailers and consumers

Challenge – Liquor retailing is a highly regulated segment. Online selling and buying is perceived illegal and risky.


Spectrum launched a multi pronged campaign to garner brand recognition and build acceptance for E-commerce in liquor retail.

Industry outreach through a series of meetings with commercial heads at MNC and top Indian liquor brands to list their brands on the platform, including USL-Diageo that later invested $4 million in HipBar as a validation of the outreach and visibility for this novel concept

Media advocacy through a series of startup and business media interviews with the founder positioning him as a serial entrepreneur in beverage alcohol, HipBar being his second liquor related venture.

International media engagement for the first of its kind initiative for an otherwise orthodox industry in India

– HipBar’s bold and innovative approach earned the brand more media adulation than speculation. USL-Diageo investment in the brand was an endorsement for the brand pitch.

Spectrum advised HipBar against PR when the brand pivoted to a home delivery partner model to ensure there was complete compliance with local regulations on legal drinking age, etc.

Unibev - Story

A fledgling beverage alcohol start up and a JV between long standing industry suppliers of bulk alcohol, Globus Spirits, and Vijay K Rekhi, iconic personality and erstwhile Managing Director of United Spirits.

Client Mandate in 2015 – Assist in brand development and coordination with all stakeholders, before launching media blitzkrieg for market.

Challenge – liquor start ups were not a keen area of interest for most stakeholders in the industry


Spectrum leveraged Vijay Rekhi’s credentials to build credibility for Unibev and its premium brands. The differentiated brand story and its architecture by brand veteran Rekhi was shared with international beverage alcohol media

This was an all encompassing project including market research, brand development, design and packaging, brand positioning and digital strategy for promotion

Outcome – all Indian business and trade media, including Mint, The Economic Times, The Times of India and top international media, including Drinks International and just-drinks, wrote about Unibev riding on Rekhi’s star appeal

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